TECH5, an innovator in the field of biometrics and digital identity management, will participate in the ID4Africa 2023 trade show and conference in Nairobi, Kenya (May 23-25, 2023), demonstrating its technologies for contactless fingerprint capture, digital ID issuance and verification, as well as its latest identity wallet and biometrics-based fraud-preventing technologies for printed documents.



The innovative demos will be available for visitors of the ID4Africa exhibition at TECH5’s stand H2-25, and will include the T5-AirSnap Finger technology for contactless fingerprints capture, T5-Digital ID for biometric digital onboarding, credential issuance and verification (face and fingerprints), as well as two new technologies that will be launched during the show and demonstrated for the first time.

“The technology offerings that TECH5 will demonstrate during the event fully meet the needs and requirements of the government and private sectors in Africa, allowing for online and completely offline biometric verification using just the camera of a mobile phone instead of costly purpose-built devices and enabling holders and verifiers without specific digital skills use the digital ID technology frictionlessly.” – Comments Ameya Bhagwat, SVP Sales at TECH5 Group. “These next-generation digital IDs can be used in an electronic format or printed on a plastic card or paper document, eliminating the need for smart cards and related expensive infrastructure and making Digital ID inclusive and affordable for all countries, and allowing for easy issuance and distribution of the identity documents.”



All biometric matching and digital ID issuance platforms of TECH5 are fully integrated with the MOSIP Foundational Identity Platform¹  and are available for adoption by African governments. Any country adopting MOSIP can leverage the fully integrated innovative technologies of TECH5, such as T5-Digital ID – the technology offering that combines the contactless biometric capture and digital ID issuance platforms; as well as T5-OmniMatch ABIS – automated biometric identification system, with minimal integration efforts. Implementing a digital ID using the MOSIP platform will allow governments to reduce the cost and increase the speed of ID issuance as well as streamline and improve the logistics and management of the ID lifecycle.

The TECH5 team will participate the MOSIP Partner event on May 22nd and demonstrate a mobile demo of the MOSIP-integrated T5-Digital ID during the event.



Earlier this month, TECH5 announced the use of its Digital ID technologies for the issuance and verification of decentralized student IDs for universities in the Democratic Republic of Congo. “This implementation is a great example of how digital ID technologies can be used today, biometrically linking the ID to its holder and allowing for a user-centric design while delivering greater security and assurance.” – Says Rahul Parthe, TECH5’s Co-founder, Chairman, and CTO. “We will soon be sharing news about other implementations of T5-Digital ID in Africa and abroad across various use cases.”  



During the ID4Africa conference on May 24th, Rahul Parthe will discuss the missing link for inclusion in Africa – the technology developed to serve not only the immediate needs but also to boost digital transformation in Africa. This link is the ability to verify a person securely and accurately in any location in Africa, without the need for any specific equipment or internet connection, to provide a service or access to information and ensure inclusion for all citizens. Mr. Parthe will also speak about TECH5’s technology developments, achievements, and real-world deployments in the field of inclusive digital ID.  “Digital ID and identity verification have been the most discussed topics of the last years in African and global governments. But are the existing solutions inclusive enough to serve the needs of Foundational ID programs and provide access to government and private services to all citizens? I will address these questions during my presentation and will be delighted to discuss it further with other event participants.” – Comments Mr. Parthe. In addition, during the “Privacy & Data Protection in Identification Systems” workshop on May 25th, Mr. Parthe and other industry and government representatives will discuss the development of national-level biometric identification systems.



TECH5 as a technology provider powers many market solutions with its SDKs and software platforms for capture, multi-modal biometric matching, and digital credential issuance.

During the exhibition, TECH5 will also have an award ceremony for its partners that are using the company’s technologies.

If you are visiting or exhibiting at the ID4Africa show this year and would like to learn more about TECH5’s offerings and partnership with us, please request a meeting with our team using the form on our website:



¹ MOSIP is a global open-source platform that is designed to help organizations and governments implement a foundational ID system that provides users with unique IDs. With the integration of T5-Digital ID with MOSIP, these unique IDs can not only be issued in a secure digital format, but can also be securely authenticated, thus facilitating the effective delivery of services such as healthcare, education, and social security, without compromising a citizen’s data.