Are you looking to join an international company that is focused on innovation while making our world more inclusive?

Could you see yourself as part of a team in which each member is important and has a direct impact on the company offerings?


We are innovators in the field of biometrics and identity management who believes that our people are key to our success.

For us, TECH5 is not just a company, it is a home that we are carefully building and organizing, by inviting the best professionals in the market and strategizing the next steps, to make sure that this home continues to be the place where everyone is welcomed and excited to be part of.

We are always ready to help each other, independently of the department or country we are in. We are responsible for making TECH5 successful and helping each other is the first step to success and is part of our nature.

We respect each other’s opinions, professional decisions, and cultures. The TECH5 team is a mix of 15+ nationalities, and we are all different, but we live and work in harmony with each other every day.

We are open to new challenges and ideas, and keen to discuss and share our thoughts, knowledge, and expertise with colleagues, making products, processes, communication, and work experience better.

We believe in inclusion: we do not discriminate in recruitment or in our interactions with each other on the grounds of age, gender identification, race, religion, sexual orientation, political views, disability, origin, nationality, place in the company hierarchy, level of education or anything else. Mutual respect drives our values, but we go further than this: we believe that this diversity makes us stronger as a company. It is also evident to those who join us and who look to do so.

We are inspired by what we are doing for the market, the community, and the world. We are driven by our company’s vision and work together to contribute to developing Digital IDs for everyone. And even though it sounds futuristic, technologies that we create have already changed the lives of millions of people for the better, making the world a more inclusive place. And this is just the beginning.

Today, our team is complete. However, if you are interested in becoming a member of the TECH5 team, please send your CV and desired position to [email protected]