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T5-LDS Liveness Detection System

T5-LDS (Liveness Detection System) is a real-time anti-spoofing biometric technology based on neural networks. The system can operate in combination with T5-Face recognition technology (1:1) or as a standalone solution to determine if a detected face is a real person and the owner of the ID or a spoofing attack. Liveness detection is a critical step in the face recognition process because of its ability to enhance the verification of a user’s identity further protecting personal data and consequently making all online and offline public and private services even more secure.


T5-LDS allows to prevent such spoofing attacks as the usage of the recorded video of the face motions, high resolution images and masks.



Passive T5-LDS operates without requesting any specific user action. An individual need only look into the camera. The Liveness detection system then captures and sends a photo or short video (2 seconds) of the face to the server for comparison, which provides a result in a second.


Scalability by design

Designed to grow with your expanding needs without an impact on operations


Proven its efficiency in preventing all existing types of spoofing attacks


Detects spoofing attacks and operates with most cameras