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Introducing T5-AirSnap – a fully contactless biometric capture technology of TECH5 powered by AI and deep learning for face and fingerprint biometric modalities.

This latest innovation allows for accurate biometric acquisition by capturing an image(s) with a smartphone’s built-in camera, checking and enhancing the quality of the captured image(s), running a liveness check and then packaging and sending the data for verification or registration, all within seconds. The process ensures that the data is taken from a real person and that the image(s) are of acceptable quality, suitable for use with legacy datasets and comply with applicable standards and customer requirements.

The captured data can be sent to a central identity management system (T5-ABIS or 3rd party) for registration, matching or verification. Alternatively, the data can be used for identity verification locally on the same mobile device with TECH5’s mobile face SDK or a third-party solution.

T5-AirSnap eliminates the need for capture technology through purpose-built devices or dedicated scanners, making biometric capture functionality easily available on a ubiquitous platform like a smartphone. Moreover, its contactless mode of operation renders the process of capturing biometric data safe, and thus can be successfully applied in a wide range of use cases both in the Government and Enterprise sectors.

T5-AirSnap constitutes an innovative, high-quality and software-driven scanning functionality for the capture of biometrics. It is also fully interoperable and can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure or ecosystems.

T5-AirSnap Finger is a fully touchless fingerprint capture technology for mobile devices, designed to increase scalability of fingerprint-based solutions and reduce dependency on costly purpose-built hardware that traditionally drive costs in large-scale projects.

Inspired by the successful implementation of Machine Learning for its facial recognition technology, TECH5 has taken the novel approach of applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning in the development of its fingerprint capture algorithm. The result is high quality and speed, both in image capture and image processing. T5-AirSnap Finger efficiently captures and prepares biometric data for further processing in compliance with interoperability standards.

T5-AirSnap Finger includes

Finger detection, including angle detection and wrong hand detection;

Fingerprint capture;

Quality assessment;

Scaling to 500dpi;

Image processing to generate legacy compliant gray scale images;

Liveness detection (licensed separately);

Packaging and sending the data;


T5-AirSnap Face is a fully contactless biometric capture technology powered by Al and deep learning for face biometric modality. The technology allows for fast and accurate biometric acquisition by capturing an image with either the built-in front or back camera of a smartphone or a web interface, running a liveness check and then packaging and sending the data for verification or registration. The inbuilt quality check algorithm ensures that the image(s) are of acceptable quality and suitable for further processing. Furthermore, the technology allows users to capture only good quality ISO and ICAO compliant images, which meet the criteria required by liveness and matching technologies and are well suited for digital onboarding and verification.

Using our in-house mobile platform with optimized AI-based algorithm, T5-AirSnap Face Mobile performs face capture with quality assessment in less than 100 msec on modern phones. Effective built-in liveness detection combats fraud by detecting when a person presents an image or a video instead of a real face during capture. T5-AirSnap Face Mobile operates efficiently even in varying lighting conditions on a wide range of mobile phones running on Android and iOS operating systems. T5-AirSnap Face Mobile is offered as a native core SDK or as a UI component along with popular wrappers, which allows our partners and customers to easily integrate and deploy it. With most of the parameters being configurable, companies can build an efficient and frictionless user experience into their applications.

T5-AirSnap Face Mobile includes:

Face detection with landmarks;

Pose estimation;

Eyes closed detection;

Detection of possible artefacts (such as sunglasses and masks);

Face capture and image cropping;

Liveness detection (licensed separately);

Packaging and sending the data;

T5-AirSnap Face Web allows for contactless face biometric capture using web interfaces. The technology is supported by all major browsers and performs face detection, head pose estimation, detection of possible artifacts (masks, sunglass) as well as other parameters. T5-AirSnap Face Web provides instantaneous feedback, allowing a user to align the face according to image requirements. The resulting images meet all requirements of liveness and matching algorithms.

T5-AirSnap Face Web is compliant with ISO 19794-5 and 39794-5 standards and supports all features that are available for T5-AirSnap Face Mobile.

Competitive advantages
of T5-AirSnap

Facial recognition TECH5 high-speed

Guaranteed high quality images as an output, suitable for liveness and matching.

TECH5 face recognition encrypted templates Android iOS

The technology works on edge devices, making contactless biometric capture possible in remote locations with limited access to internet.

Facial recognition TECH5 high-speed

Fully interoperable and easy to integrate with existing technologies and solutions.

TECH5 face recognition encrypted templates Android iOS

Ready to implement for remote digital onboarding for Digital ID issuance, eKYC and other use cases.