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Digital Identity Management

The T5-IDencode is a unique combination of advanced biometric and credentialing technologies enabling cost-effective Digital ID issuance and management.

The underlying T5-Cryptograph technology represents a digital container capable of packaging various forms of data for digital ID, such as demographic data, a highly compressed face image, as well as face and fingerprint biometric templates, all in an encrypted format. Data is protected by triple-level of encryption, including PKI.

The T5-IDencode is a completely offline solution for secure data packaging and multi-factor authentication.

T5-Cryptograph generated by the T5-IDencode enterprise platform can be read and decoded using a mobile device and a certified app. Despite its high-density nature for storing large amounts of data, the T5-Cryptograph reading process is fast and efficient.


Icon describing IDencode facial image compression algo

FACE IMAGE COMPRESSION ALGORITHM to compress face images to 1-kilobyte size


PKI and other technologies to encrypt the T5-Cryptograph

COMPLETELY OFFLINE SOLUTION for multi-factor customer authentication

Mobile_offline_liveness detection_Contactless

LIVENESS DETECTION SOFTWARE to run liveness checks on face and fingerprint images 

Icon of TECH5_facial recognition and fingerprint recognition

T5-FACE AND T5-FINGER TECHNOLOGIES to capture face and fingerprint images and convert it into biometric templates, as well as authenticate a person within seconds 

IDencode_biometric_barcode_QR_secure store_biometrics templates_Touchless biometrics_onboarding

T5-CRYPTOGRAPH TECHNOLOGY to package various forms of data for digital ID, such as demographic data, a highly compressed face image, as well as face and fingerprint biometric templates

Autonomous Self Authentication 
with T5-IDencode Technologies


Benefits for Business

T5-IDencode privacy and security icon


T5-IDencode privacy and security icon


T5-IDencode scalability_mobile_integrated_biometric_KYC


for User

You decide who can access your ID 

You decide whom to prove your ID

You authenticate in your own private environment

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