We are proud to be taking part as a speaker and an exhibitor again in 2023 in ID4Africa – the event uniting all stakeholders from the entire identity ecosystem under one roof.

Come visit TECH5 at booth No. H2-25 at the ID4Africa event in Nairobi, Kenya on May 23-25, 2023. Our team of experts will be available to share insights about our technologies and partnerships and guide you through a live demo, where you can create and verify your very own digital ID in the form of a T5-Cryptograph.

T5-Digital ID allows the issuance of a secure digital identity to a citizen’s smartphone, as well as the ability to verify that identity from another – authorised – smartphone, tablet, PC or dedicated reader. Visit us and see for yourself!

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We will be participating in the “Identity at the Leading Edge of Digital Public Infrastructure” session on May 24th, 8:50 AM with a presentation.

Digital ID, as well as secure and accurate identity verification, have been the most discussed topics of the last years in African and global governments. But are the existing solutions inclusive enough to serve the needs of Foundational ID programs and provide access to government and private services to all citizens?  

During his presentation, Mr. Rahul Parthe, Co-founder, Chairman and CTO of TECH5, will talk about the missing link for inclusion – the technology developed to serve not only the immediate needs but also to boost digital transformation in Africa.  

This missing link is the ability to verify a person securely and accurately in any location in Africa, without the need for any specific equipment or internet connection, to provide a service or access to information and ensure inclusion for all citizens. 

Mr. Parthe will speak about TECH5’s technology developments, achievements, and real-world deployments in the field of inclusive digital ID. 

TECH5 presentation:

Speaker: Rahul Parthe, TECH5’s Co-founder, CTO, and Chairman

The presentation title: The Missing Link for Inclusion in Africa

Time slot: May 24, 2023, 8:50 AM

Workshop 4: Privacy & Data Protection in Identification Systems

Speaker: Rahul Parthe, TECH5’s Co-founder, CTO, and Chairman

Date and time: May 25, 2023, 14 PM – 18 PM


About our Speaker:

Co-founder, CTO and Chairman of TECH5 Group, Rahul Parthe oversees TECH5’s product and technology strategy, focusing on developing disruptive biometric and digital ID technology platforms through the application of AI and Machine Learning.

Rahul has deep expertise in leading research and development of AI-based biometric algorithms, including innovative contactless fingerprint capture and digital ID technologies for mobile devices, such as T5-AirSnap and T5-IDencode.

A combination of sustained investment and single-minded dedication to the development of biometric modalities that capitalize on AI has resulted in TECH5’s algorithms developed by Rahul Parthe and his team being consistently ranked in the top tier of NIST ranking for face, fingerprint and iris recognition technologies.

Rahul was the key system architect of UIDAI program which has enrolled more than 1.3B identities to date. He is also the lead architect for Indonesia National ID that now holds 193 million tri-modal enrollments.

Other key organizations where Rahul was or is involved as a visionary and a technology architect include Identix, L1 Identity Solutions, Securimetrics, Morpho and InterBio.


About the event:

Founded in 2014, ID4Africa is an NGO that accompanies African nations on their journeys to develop robust and responsible Identity ecosystems in the service of development and humanitarian action. The Movement is driven by the need to establish identity-for-all, not just as a legal right (consistent with SDG 16.9), but as a practical necessity to enable inclusive access to services in Africa.


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Dates: May 23-25, 2023

Venue: The Edge Convention Centre, Nairobi, Kenya


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