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Core Technologies



T5-AirSnap is a fully contactless biometric capture technology powered by AI and Deep Learning, for face and fingerprint biometric modalities.

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T5-Finger technology is highly accurate (99,96%) and ranked in the TOP-tier of most accurate fingerprint recognition algorithms in the world (NIST PFTII, 2019).

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T5-Iris recognition technology is highly accurate (99,94%) and ranked in the TOP-tier of most accurate iris recognition algorithms in the world (NISTIR 8207, 2018).

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T5-Face technology is highly accurate (99,98%) and ranked in the TOP-tier of most accurate face recognition algorithms in the world (Facial FRVT, 2020).

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Technology Offerings

Contactless Capture

Contactless capture is an offering that includes T5-AirSnap technologies for fast and accurate capture of face and fingerprints biometrics by using the built-in camera of a smartphone.



Identification (1:N) offering is a selection of mission critical multi-biometric identification platforms for national level ID projects. T5-ABIS allows to identify a person by face, fingerprint, and iris.


Credential Issuance

Digital credential issuance offering represents T5-IDencode — a technology platform for digital ID issuance that is truly built on principles of high security, inclusion, privacy and protection of personal data.


Verification and Authentication

Verification and Authentication offering includes technologies for online and offline biometric verification and authentication on mobile platforms and centrally by face, fingerprint and iris.


TECH5 At a Glance

Your trusted and experienced partner for delivering industry-leading biometric-based solutions


Unique know-how and on-the-ground capabilities derived from hands-on experience in some of the world’s largest biometric programs


Deep-rooted knowledge of how biometrics drive National Identity programs, Social Inclusion schemes and Law Enforcement


20+ years of experience in biometrics technologies and large-scale multi-modal biometrics platforms

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