TECH5 Privacy and Cookies Policy

  May 28, 2020


At TECH5 SA the protection of your personal data is imperative. As such, we have developed a Privacy and Cookies Policy that clearly outlines what type of personal data TECH5 SA may collect via the website and how the company may use it.

The following information is included in this document:

  • Data Controller
  • Personal data processing
  • Data retention
  • Cookies information
  • Your rights as a data subject


TECH5 SA is the Data Controller for all personal data processing.
If you have any questions about our privacy practices, please contact us either via email or traditional mail.

[email protected]    
[email protected] 

Mailing Address:
Rue de Neuchâtel 8, 1201, Geneva, Switzerland



When you visit our website, contact us through the contact form, send us e-mail or subscribe to our newsletter, TECH5 SA may collect personal data from several sources as described below.

Email and Contact Form.
Personal data will be directly collected from completed contact forms and/or from information contained in an e-mail. This information includes:

  • Name and Last Name
  • Company
  • Region or Country
  • E-mail Address
  • Phone Number

TECH5 SA assumes that you provide such personal data voluntarily, at your discretion, and that the data you provide is correct and up to date. Handling of your correspondence is our legitimate interest, and we base our right to process your personal data on that legal basis.

TECH5 SA also assumes that by sending such correspondence you are expecting and agreeing to being contacted by e-mail or phone to resolve any issues or requests.

Passive access to your personal data may be available to intermediaries with whom the Data Controller cooperates in order to provide services. These include, for example, the web hosting provider Godaddy and the website administrator.

On the TECH5 SA website, you have the opportunity to subscribe to the official TECH5 newsletter, which keeps you up to date about our latest news, events, products and services.

When you subscribe to the TECH5 newsletter you must provide an e-mail address at the time of subscription request. Subscribing to the newsletter is not a legal obligation and is completely voluntary. It is assumed that the data you provide when subscribing to the newsletter is correct and up to date. Your express consent, which you confirm by checking an agreement box and subsequently providing confirmation of the agreement by clicking on the link in the e-mail that is sent to your email address immediately after you subscribe, provides the legal basis for processing your subscription information in order to receive business information. By subscribing to the newsletter, you agree to receive TECH5 newsletters by e-mail.

You have the right to withdraw your consent to receiving the TECH5 newsletter at any time by making such a request in writing via e-mail to [email protected]. You can also automatically unsubscribe by clicking on the “unsubscribe” button in the newsletter. Furthermore, you can manage any of your personal information by clicking on the “Update profile” button in the newsletter.

Passive access to your personal data may be available to intermediaries with whom the Data Controller cooperates in order to provide services. These include, for example, the web hosting provider Godaddy, the e-mail platform provider, and the web site administrator.

Personal data automatically collected:

  • Browser type and version
  • Operating system used
  • URL of the previous website visited
  • IP address (this is deleted soon after you conclude your visit to our website)
  • Geographic location
  • Visit length, pages viewed, and website navigation routes
  • Server request time.

TECH5 SA does not associate these data with any specific person, nor do we link them with other data. As a result, there is no way to identify any specific person. Information is collected in aggregate and statistically analyzed to obtain information about where website visitors come from, how long they stay or what information they usually search for on our website. This information allows us to manage our website and improve our services.

Our website uses cookies to analyze traffic. You can read about the use of cookies in the Cookies information section.


TECH5 SA keeps all data collected via the website only for the length of time necessary for the purposes set out in this policy following the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to retention and limitation periods. TECH5 ensures that all data is processed in complete security and confidentiality.


Cookies are small text files that are given ID tags and are stored on your computer’s browser directory or program data subfolders.

Information stored by cookies, for a limited time, is anonymous and can refer to pages visited and time spent on each, your navigation equipment (operating system, internet browser, screen resolution and so forth), search queries, as well as IP address to gather approximate geographic information.

To learn more about cookies, you can use the following link

TECH5 uses cookies for technical reasons that are necessary for optimal website function and the convenience of visitors to the website. For example, when you fill out the contact form you will be given the opportunity to add your Name and your e-mail automatically. However, access to your data is only provided if you fill out the form.

We also use the Google Analytics tool for the collection of statistical data related to the use of our website. These data are fully anonymized and are used to analyze visitor behavior to better understand how people are using our website and improve the usability of our website.

Anonymous data about your visit is collected and linked to other visitors’ data to better understand how people are using our website. These cookies may track things such as time spent on the websites visited. The data is used to analyze how frequently the same people revisit our site, how the website is found, and which pages are most frequently viewed. This information is combined with data from many other users to create an overall picture of website use, but the user is never identified individually or personally.

Information about your use of our website, including your IP address, may be transmitted to Google and stored on servers.

You can opt-out of these cookies by changing the settings on your browser without affecting your experience when visiting our website. You can find more information on Google Analytics cookies on the official Google Analytics page.

Cookies management

Most internet browsers allow cookies automatically. However, you can object to the use of cookies by restricting or blocking cookies yourself by changing your browser settings. You can also always delete the cookies that have already been saved in your browser. You can change your decision to block or restrict cookies yourself at any time.

To find out more about browser settings, please use the following guides, or refer to the Help menu of your browser:

Please note that some websites may not work if you completely disable cookies; however, many third-party cookies can be safely blocked.


As a data subject under the GDPR, you have the right to access, rectify, delete, limit the processing and the portability of your data. Your requests to exercise your rights should be addressed by e-mail: [email protected] 

If you believe that your rights are being violated in the processing of personal data or that there is a violation of the Personal Data Protection Act or the GDPR, you may file a motion to initiate personal data protection proceedings at the Office of the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner FDPIC,  Feldeggweg 1, CH – 3003 Berne, website


The website contains links to other websites. Our privacy policy applies only to our website. Prior to clicking on a link to another website, you should read their privacy policy.

TECH5 SA reserves the right to change this Privacy and Cookies Policy from time to time. We will post a “last modified” date of the Privacy and Cookies Policy to indicate when it was last updated. We recommend that you visit this page regularly to review any changes or updates to our privacy policy.