Technology Offerings

Contactless capture

Fully contactless biometric acquisition and liveness detection technologies powered by AI, for face and fingerprint biometric modalities.

T5-AirSnap Face

T5-AirSnap Finger


A mission critical multi-biometric matching platform for national level ID projects, allowing for identification by face, fingerprints, and iris.

T5-OmniMatch ABIS

Credential Issuance

A selection of software platforms for digital ID issuance and technologies for data encryption and prevention of printed identity documents fraud.



Verification and Authentication

Technologies for online and offline biometric verification and authentication on mobile platforms and centrally by face, fingerprints, and iris.

T5-OmniMatch ABIS


T5-OmniMatch BioSDK

A single tri-modal SDK powered by artificial intelligence for fast and accurate biometric matching by face, fingerprint, and iris.

T5-Digital ID

An innovative offering that combines technologies that serve all steps of the identity lifecycle – from digital onboarding and credential issuance to offline biometric verification.

Leveraging AI to develop best-in-class biometric algorithms

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Biometric Payments with Digital Identity Management

Biometric Payments with Digital Identity Management

Fingerprint, facial and iris biometric modalities are part of the AI and machine learning-based identity management systems technology of Switzerland-based TECH5, a company with customers in 20 countries. Indonesia (288 million people), Ethiopia (127 million people)...

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