In October 2024, TECH5 will participate in the Digital Government Africa 2024 summit as one of the sponsors. Our team will showcase TECH5’s innovative offerings, demonstrating contactless capture, digital ID and GovWallet demos during the forum.

Contactless biometric capture: T5-AirSnap

T5-AirSnap is a fully contactless biometric capture technology of TECH5 powered by AI and deep learning for face and fingerprint biometric modalities. It allows for accurate biometric acquisition by capturing an image(s) with a smartphone’s built-in camera or a web camera.

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Digital ID issuance and management: T5-IDencode

The T5-IDencode is a technology platform for secure data packaging and management. It allows to issue, update and revoke a digital ID in a form of an innovative encrypted data container – T5-Cryptograph.

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A GovWallet is a joint technology solution of Visa and TECH5, designed to enable digital identity infrastructure and Visa card credentials for any country, laying a robust foundation for advancing digital payments, identity management, access control and other ecosystem-driven services.

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    About the event

    Digital transformation across all sectors is the top priority for African Governments. Digital Government Africa 2024 is an annual digital ministerial summit that connects African governments with industry partners from around the world.

    Dates: 2-4 October 2024
    Place: Lusaka, Zambia

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