TECH5, an innovator in the field of biometrics and digital identity management, has received a Certificate of Conformity certifying that TECH5 has been assessed and found to meet the requirements of the United Kingdom Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework.  

The TECH5 SA ACCS /DISC certificate of conformance certifies a component supply to companies wishing to offer services to establish official identity for digital use and covers TECH5 contactless biometric capture for integration into client IdSP’s (Identity Service Provider) ID verification systems including liveness, identification, matching and Digital ID credential issuance 

The list of certified TECH5 technologies includes T5-AirSnap – a patented technology for face and fingerprint liveness detection and contactless biometric acquisition for mobile devices, T5-OmniMatch – a mission-critical multi-modal biometric matching platform, as well as T5-IDencode – a technology platform for issuance of encrypted digital credentials protected by biometrics.  

Trust framework participants are certified against a set of UK government-approved rules. This means that one organisation can trust that the information another shares with them is accurate and reliable. To meet the rules of the trust framework, a certified provider needs to prove they are able to safely manage users’ digital identities or attributes.  

The Certificate of Conformity serves as evidence that a digital identity system or service provider adheres to the specified standards and practices, ensuring that it meets the necessary security, privacy, and interoperability requirements outlined in the framework. It provides assurance to users, organizations, and regulators that the digital identity solution is reliable, secure, and compliant with the established guidelines, enhancing trust in digital identity processes within the UK. “We at TECH5 are delighted to become a Trust framework participant and receive one more proof that our technologies are compliant with the latest requirements and regulations to provide secure and inclusive digital IDs.” – Comments Andy Gray, Vice President Sales and Business Development for Europe at TECH5.  

TECH5’s contactless capture, matching and Digital ID issuance platforms are available to certified TECH5 partners in the UK and globally, and are powering various projects across Government and Private sectors worldwide. “The UK is one of the key markets for us, where TECH5 has a solid network of partners and a growing list of customers. We are looking forward to continue bringing value and our best-in-class technologies to the United Kingdom.” – Says Mr. Gray. 

Rob Haslam, Strategic Advisor, added: “The UK is leading the way internationally on digital ID trust frameworks one of only a handful of countries so far to have implemented such an ecosystem –  and this certification means that partners and customers in other parts of the world can also rely on TECH5’s innovative solutions with the assurance of one of the world’s leading frameworks behind them, even in countries where such frameworks are yet to be formalised.” 


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