TECH5, an innovator in the field of biometrics and digital identity management, integrates its contactless biometric capture technologies for face and fingerprint with the Mobile Sheriff and INTELLI-ID platforms of Barizma Solutions. The platforms will be used for identity checks against the national biometric database for State-Owned Entities (SOE) and Law Enforcement for a range of scenarios nationwide.

“We are delighted to announce that T5-AirSnap, one of our latest innovations in the field of biometric capture using mobile devices, will be used by Barizma Solutions, adding additional functionality and value to the company’s platforms. For TECH5, this is one more great project in South Africa that will open new opportunities and markets while reaffirming its leadership position in the contactless biometric capture market.” – says Ameya Bhagwat, TECH5’s SVP Sales.

INTELLI-ID, one of Barizma’s latest solutions, is a fully mobile identity management platform that uses API-driven technology and multimodal contactless biometrics on a ruggedised Android tablet. The platform allows for the capture of face and fingerprint biometrics using newly integrated T5-AirSnap technology (no dedicated fingerprint device needed) together with an ID Number and match them against the Home Affairs National Identity System (HANIS) database in order to verify a person.

The Mobile Sheriff, a flagship Barizma’s offering, is a full end-to-end software solution designed to enable traffic officers to accurately and efficiently identify a vehicle, and a motorist, as well as validate a driver’s license, for the issuance of an electronic traffic infringement notice in real-time. As part of the Mobile Sheriff solution, T5-AirSnap Finger will capture a driver’s fingerprint in a contactless manner using the camera on Android tablets that traffic officers are equipped with. The images are then sent for matching against the HANIS database. Integration of TECH5’s contactless capture technology makes the Barizma solution COVID-19 safe, reduces the time spent by an officer for verification of a driver, increases the accuracy of verification, and removes the need for investment in dedicated fingerprint scanners, until now the only way of accurately obtaining such fingerprint data in a suitable format for accurate matching.

T5-AirSnap detects and captures face and fingerprints, checks the quality of the captured images, runs a liveness check to ensure that the data is taken from a real person, and then packages and sends the data for verification, identification or registration, all within seconds. The technology ensures that the image(s) are of acceptable quality, suitable for further processing and use with legacy datasets and are compliant with the applicable standards and customer requirements.

Comfort Lolo Nqumashe, Operational Executive at Barizma Solutions said, “As a minority grouping within the technology industry, it is now time that South African women change the course of history through Innovation, and by being at the forefront of such an exciting and evolving technology that contributes to our mission of closing the gender gap and promoting diversity, we complete this integral part of our business strategy that continues to add enormous value to our business solutions.”

Adrian Knowles, CEO of Barizma, said, “Our highly technological intelligent ID management solutions, INTELLI-ID and The Mobile Sheriff, are now equipped with the latest contactless capture technologies from TECH5, providing even greater value to our customers and users in South Africa by allowing for fast, accurate and effortless biometric acquisition using the built-in camera of a smartphone or a tablet and eliminating the need for additional biometric capture devices. We believe this to be an absolute Game Changer!”