TECH5, an innovator in the field of biometrics and digital identity management, will participate in the ID4Africa 2022 trade show (15th-16th June), demonstrating its latest technologies for digital ID issuance and verification, integrated with MOSIP Foundational Identity Platform.

The innovative demo will be available for visitors of the exhibition at the TECH5 booth No C06. Everyone visiting ID4Africa will have an opportunity to see how the MOSIP platform integrated with the TECH5 technologies works.

The demo allows for real-time biometric capture and quality check for face and fingerprint biometric modalities, de-duplication against the database of MOSIP (to make sure that the record is unique, and the person is not enrolled in the database under a different name), enrolment and issuance of a unique digital ID stored in T5-Cryptograph – a secure digital container protected by triple-level security. The T5-Cryptograph, issued and sent to the email address of its owner, can then be decoded and verified against its holder biometrically in a completely offline manner using T5-Digital ID mobile demo app that is also available at the booth of TECH5. No data gathered for demo purposes will be stored by TECH5 during or after the event.

“The TECH5-MOSIP technical integration has enabled the creation of a unique solution that can be implemented for digital ID issuance around the world. We are delighted to have an opportunity to finally demonstrate it at ID4Africa where every person will be able to go through the entire process and receive a digital ID within seconds.” – says Rahul Parthe, Co-founder, Chairman and CTO of TECH5. “Since 2019, we had our automated biometric identification system (T5-ABIS) integrated with MOSIP, and now with T5-Digital ID integration we can fully demonstrate an end-to-end inclusive system. We believe that such a solution would help to boost inclusion across African countries, making digital IDs available for every citizen.” – comments Mr. Parthe.

Any country adopting MOSIP can leverage the fully integrated innovative technologies of TECH5, such as T5-Digital ID – the technology offering the combination of contactless biometric capture and digital ID issuance; as well as T5-ABIS BE – automated biometric identification engine, with minimal integration efforts.

TECH5’s digital ID can be purely electronic, as will be demonstrated at booth C06, or printed, and retain the same biometric verification functionality. Furthermore, given that there will be neither a need for specialized or purpose-built devices nor internet connectivity because reading and verification of the digital ID can be performed in a completely offline manner, there will also be a consequent reduction in hardware.

MOSIP is a global open-source platform that is designed to help organizations and governments implement a foundational ID system that provides users with unique IDs. With the integration of T5-Digital ID with MOSIP, these unique IDs can not only be issued in a secure digital format, but can also be securely authenticated, thus facilitating the effective delivery of services such as healthcare, education, and social security, without compromising a citizen’s data.

Implementing a digital ID using the MOSIP platform will allow governments to reduce the cost and speed of ID issuance as well as streamline and improve the logistics and management of the ID lifecycle.