TECH5, an innovator in the field of biometrics and digital identity management, provides its biometric matching and liveness technologies to remote verification and digital onboarding companies in Europe.  

The recent Pandemic has created an urgency for the implementation of technologies and certification of service providers for remote identification and verification of people wishing to access public or private online services when they do not have a digital identity recognised by these services. In accordance with the latest regulation in France, the French National Cyber Security Agency (ANSSI), supported by the Ministry of the Interior, now evaluates and certifies remote identity verification services to guarantee the security and reliability of these processes. 

TECH5 provides facial liveness detection software to various certified remote identity verification service providers in Europe. “We are actively working on the European digital onboarding and verification market, equipping our partners and customers with our latest technology products and providing our expertise and technical support.” – Comments Andy Gray, Vice President Sales & Business Development for Europe at TECH5. 

TECH5 is headquartered in Switzerland and has seven international branches, including its European subsidiary in Portugal. “We believe that remote identity verification services are among the most fast-growing market verticals for application of biometrics in Europe and are delighted to be on the forefront of it with our range of technology offerings.” – Says Mr. Gray. 

To the digital onboarding service providers in Europe, TECH5 offers a wide range of biometric software products, such as its patented technologies for remote contactless biometric capture using a camera of a mobile device or a web camera, and matching, including the de-duplication, verification and authentication functionality, as well as liveness detection for face and fingerprints.  

All TECH5’s technologies are evaluated and top-ranked by international worldwide recognised independent testing institutions, such as NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). All provided technology products are compliant with privacy and security regulations – TECH5 does not store or process any data of users.  

All TECH5’s technology offerings are available for the company’s certified partners globally.  


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