In support of the global movement for protecting the biometric data of individuals, TECH5, an innovator in the field of biometrics and digital identity management, has revealed the 5 key principles that it adheres to when using biometric data for the training of its neural networks and technology implementation. The company applies these principles to all three of its biometric modalities – face, fingerprint, and iris recognition, the main technologies for the platforms developed by TECH5.

“Today we are outlining our principles for using biometric data and technology development, hoping for such rules to be adopted by other companies involved in the design and development of biometric algorithms.” – says Rob Haslam, Strategic Advisor of TECH5.


The company adheres to 5 key principles:

  1. The use of only consent-based depersonalized data for training of algorithms
  2. Regular benchmarking
  3. Development of inclusive technologies
  4. Contribution to the development of standards and raising the level of expertise in the biometric market
  5. Control over the use of technologies developed by TECH5 by only certified partners

TECH5 is using consent-based, depersonalized data for training of its neural networks. The company is obtaining the necessary rights for millions of images and is regularly training and benchmarking the algorithms using these data. TECH5 is committed to ensuring that all of their technologies are highly accurate, robust, and inclusive of people from all walks of life. TECH5’s IP-protected face, fingerprint, and iris matching technologies are consistently ranked in the top-tier in NIST testing (National institute of Standards and Technology). This ranking now also includes face recognition with masks, across different races and age groups.

One of TECH5’s goals as a company is to contribute to the ethical use of biometrics and create a greater understanding about biometric technologies available on the market. TECH5 regularly contributes its expertise and market knowledge as a member of such organizations as Biometrics Institute, European Association for Biometrics, ID2020, and others.

TECH5 works only with certified partners around the world, allowing the company to control the use of its technologies.

“In order to make sure that TECH5 technologies are used to serve inclusion in all aspects of people’s lives – from government services and programs to banking and healthcare – we carefully select partners for distribution of our technology components and intentionally invest in consent-based, high-quality data.” – says Machiel van der Harst, Co-founder and CEO of TECH5.


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