TECH5, an innovator in the field of biometrics and digital identity management, launches T5-OmniMatch – a new umbrella brand name for all its matching technologies and platforms. T5-OmniMatch will include TECH5’s matching technologies and platforms providing biometric verification, authentication, identification, and de-duplication for face, fingerprint, and iris. T5-OmiMatch is designed to be extendable to include new modalities, and includes platforms, toolkits, and SDKs that operate at the backend and on mobile devices.

The company has also combined the verification platform known as T5-MBAP with the T5-ABIS identification platform under the single platform, T5-OmniMatch ABIS. “We believe that merging high-performance dedicated verification and identification functionalities into one main platform will allow for greater ease of integration, deployment, and maintenance for our partners and customers. We also believe that this is the right move for TECH5 in terms of product development strategy.” – says TECH5 Co-founder and CTO, Rahul Parthe.

As part of the new offering, TECH5 is launching T5-OmniMatch BioSDK – a single tri-modal SDK for face, fingerprint, and iris biometric modalities. The new SDK is based on a combination of AI and traditional algorithms. During the most recent NIST evaluations, such as PFT III and IREX 10, TECH5’s fingerprint and iris matching algorithms were ranked as the fastest and among the most accurate in the world. The T5-OmniMatch BioSDK powers all TECH5’s biometric products, including T5-IDencode digital credential issuance platform, and is also available as an offering for TECH5’s certified partners.

“T5-OmniMatch is a combination of TECH5’s flagship platforms that have proven their efficiency and reliability in the market over the years. The new functionality and improved technologies that T5-OmniMatch offers make it unique. We are proud to introduce it to the market and are excited to witness the experience of the first implementations in various countries that are currently ongoing.” – says SVP Sales and Business Development Ameya Bhagwat.