TECH5, an innovator in the field of biometrics and digital identity management, has become a friend of the ID-Day Coalition in order to help raise awareness about the importance of empowering all individuals with a legal identity that will allow them to exercise their rights and responsibilities.

The Call for September 16th to be recognized as Identity Day was initiated by ID4Africa at the 4th annual meeting of the Movement in April 2018 in Abuja, Nigeria.

“We at TECH5 fully support Identity Day and are joining the ID-Day coalition’s effort to aid in the promotion of the responsible adoption of official identities that are highly protected and provide each individual with a secure and trusted identity.” – says Co-founder and CEO of TECH5 Machiel van der Harst.

According to the World Bank, more than one billion people worldwide cannot officially prove their identity, and as a result, have little or no access to programs and services provided by the government. These individuals are, in effect, excluded from modern society.

“From its inception, TECH5 has equipped National ID projects globally with its technologies in order to put control of each individual’s identity in their own hands. We develop our biometric and digital ID platforms in an inclusive way, making sure that an ID can be easily issued and verified anywhere and at any time securely. A perfect example of this is how our digital ID solution has been designed not only for those with a smartphone. We believe that such innovations will make it possible to provide legal identities around the world in a fast and efficient way and help reduce the number of one billion disenfranchised individuals to zero.” – says Co-Founder and CTO of TECH5 Rahul Parthe.

To further contribute to building secure digital identity infrastructure and principles globally, TECH5 has integrated its digital ID and identification technologies with open-source platforms like MOSIP. In addition, TECH5 actively participates in the development of standards and has helped raise the bar of expertise in the biometric market as a member of organizations such as Biometrics Institute, European Association for Biometrics, OIX, ID2020 and others.

“Together with other friends and members of the ID-Day coalition, we can make a difference by promoting recognition of Identity Day and explaining its importance to the community. We are looking forward to witnessing a future in which every individual in the world has a digital identity that he or she fully owns and manages.” – comments Yulia Thomas, TECH5’s Vice President of Marketing.

To learn more about the ID-Day coalition, please visit this website