T5 Finger

Scalable Technology Delivering Highly Accurate Search Capability

T5-Finger technology delivers rapid and accurate fingerprint identification in multi-million identity databases in seconds.

The quality of T5-finger technology is demonstrated by its accuracy, reliability, high speed matching, and scalability to identity systems with hundreds of millions of fingerprints. It seamlessly matches the most difficult patterns thanks to its high tolerance for fingerprint scaling and nonlinear deformation, as well as for fingerprint translations and rotations up to 180°.

The performance and competitiveness of TECH5’s biometric algorithms have been confirmed in numerous International testing rounds and competitions. T5-Finger recognition technology is highly accurate (99,96%) and ranked in the TOP-tier of most accurate fingerprint recognition algorithms in the world (NIST PFTII, 2019).

TECH5 Fingerprint Recognition is the fruit of 30 years of Development and Research in biometric fingerprint identification systems.

T5-Finger Mobile

T5-Finger Mobile is a combination of fingerprint capture, liveness detection and recognition technologies that allows for person verification by fingerprints using a mobile device, all within a couple of seconds. A user can take any number of fingerprint captures, depending on the requirements for collecting the data, for further verification and enrollment.

T5-Finger Mobile capture technology can be used as an alternative to classic hardware-based scanners that are purpose-built for capturing fingerprints for remote / online enrolment.

How it works:

1. A person captures images of his/her fingerprints with a standard camera of a mobile device and onboard mobile app;

2. Fingerprints are detected from the captured image, captured, quality checked, and converted into template(s) after passing a liveness check: liveness detection technology is integrated with the mobile app and protects against spooking attacks;

3. Once the fingerprint images have passed the liveness check, the converted templates are (optionally) sent to a server for a deduplication check and enrolment (digital onboarding) or used locally on the device in a verification check against reference templates stored on the mobile device if the person was already enrolled (offline authentication).

The entire process is highly intuitive and takes only a few seconds.

Technology Advantages

TECH5 fingerprint recognition ACCURATE AND RELIABLE


T5-Finger templates are based on a patented technology that uses topology information. This means that each minutia keeps information about its neighbors, rendering the technology more stable and selective than the classic ridge count used in many other systems.gle CPU.

T5 fingerprint recognition


T5-Finger scales from searching tens of thousands of ten-prints on a regional system to matching of hundreds of millions at national level.

Facial recognition TECH5 high-speed


The search algorithms have built in algorithmic search accelerators that increase the matching speed hundreds of times for ten-print to ten-print matching. This makes it possible to build real-time identification systems of citizens in multimillion databases with response times in seconds.

TECH5 finger recognition adaptive image processing algorithm easily define the integral characteristics and minutiae


Thanks to adaptive image processing, the algorithm can easily define the integral characteristics and minutiae, and as a result, performs well even with fingerprints of poor-quality. The algorithm also operates seamlessly with fingerprints of either very small children or elderly persons who may have fingerprints with numerous folds.

Facial recognition TECH5 high-speed


Operates with templates of ANSI/INCIST 378, ISO 19794-2 international standards and in-house formats.

Ability to exchange data with other systems through ANSI/NIST exchange protocols.

WSQ compression method certified by FBI for use with fingerprint processing.

face recognition


High tolerance for fingerprint scaling and nonlinear deformation as well as tolerance for fingerprint translations and rotations up to 180°.

Acknowledged Top Performer in International Tests

Performance of TECH5 biometric algorithms has been regularly confirmed in International testing:


National Institute of Standards and Technology


Minutiae Interoperability Exchange Test


Fingerprint Verification Competition



Fingerprint Vendor Technology Evaluation


Slap Fingerprint Segmentation Evaluation by NIST

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