Solem and TECH5 Announce their Partnership to Develop and Implement Biometric Solutions in the Region.

TECH5, an innovator in the field of biometrics and digital identity management, and Solem, the international technology company that integrates process and business intelligence to its services to enhance the high productivity, efficiency and continuous transformation of its customers, announced their partnership and launched a biometric-based solution that links a person to his or her COVID-19 test results biometrically. It helps to trace the virus, avoid impersonation, formalize the consents and achieve the proper isolation of an infected person.

The solution proved its efficiency and is implemented for active search for COVID-19 cases with biometric traceability for the first customer in Chile. Every worker weekly passes a digital onboarding process, providing among other data his facial image, result and number of his antigen rapid test. This number and the test result are linked to the person’s biometrics and verified by the employer against the worker’s face upon arrival to the venue, using the biometric matching technology of TECH5, T5-Face.

“The solution is fully inclusive: for those workers who do not have a smartphone, an onboarding can be done in the clinic prior to testing” – comments Víctor Parra, Solem Product manager. “The same solution can be used in cases when symptoms are suspected, to make sure that the person will take a rapid test and will not be allowed to enter the venue in case if the virus is detected” – says Mr. Parra.

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Solem. For TECH5 it is a great opportunity to introduce its technologies and solutions to a wider range of customers, as well as prove its efficiency in various use cases across Latin America”- comments says Jeremy James, TECH5 Vice President Sales for Caribbean & Latin America.

In 2022, the partners are planning to develop other biometric solutions helping to stop spread of a deadly virus.