TECH5 MBAP (Multibiometric Authentication Platform) is a mission critical multi-biometric authentication platform. T5-MBAP allows to authenticate and verify a person by face, fingerprint, and iris ”on-the-go”.

TECH5 MBAP was designed with the intention to serve the specific requirements of large authentication systems where response time is critical to ensure Quality of Service (QoS) and where downtimes are unacceptable. The product seamlessly supports multi-modal biometrics and can be scaled up or down. It can also be deployed in various configurations according to specific needs and budget restrictions. The product supports REST API and is built on our in-house top tier technologies. It supports both Windows and Linux.


T5-MBAP is a multi-process and multi-threaded platform that supports face, iris and fingerprints-based verifications, template creation and enrollments. The platform exposes REST APIs to allow authentication and verification over the Internet using https protocols.

Multi-biometric 1:1 Matching

T5-MBAP facilitates the authentication and verification with 1 Face image, 2 Iris images and 10 fingerprints. The API receives and responds to requests via JSON payloads making it easier to be integrated with desktop, web and mobile clients. The 1:1 matching performs multiple biometric matchings based on input and returns the results with the highest matching score.

Biometric-to-Biometric Verification

In biometric-to-biometric verification, two sets of biometric images or templates are sent for verification. T5-MBAP matches the given biometrics against each other and returns the results of matching score without accessing the underlying database.

Template Creation

T5-MBAP allows enrollment without the need for other software. The templates for iris, face and fingerprints can be created using the state-of-the-art TECH5 algorithms that are based on neural network and machine learning, and stored in the database with a unique ID. The TECH5 Finger SDK supports both proprietary and ISO template creation and matching.

Multi-database Support

T5-MBAP currently supports SQLite, MySQL and Oracle as its persistent storage for biometric templates and logs. It can connect to an existing IDMS that contains biometric templates instead of having to maintain a separate database for template storage. This allows efficient use of system resources and connectivity with multiple RDBMS systems.


T5-MBAP MBAP provides transaction logs, audit logs and error logging for troubleshooting and billing purposes. Logs are encrypted during transmission providing an additional layer of security.

Fault Tolerance

T5-MBAP supports multiple scaling layers including vertical and horizontal scaling. In vertical scaling the T5-MBAP design ensures that the system hardware is utilized to its maximum capacity including multiple CPUs and cores. Horizontal scaling is ensured in T5-MBAP to avoid single system limitations by using multiple systems in grouped clusters that provide high tolerant in-memory data and compute grids for faster response times and ZERO Single Point of Failure. If one or more nodes are taken down or they crash, the grid will not be impacted and will continue to serve requests.


Cost efficiency

The use of commercial off the shelf infrastructure, small hardware footprint, and centralized system management all contribute to a low cost of ownership.

Ease of integration

The availability of a REST API as the key interface to T5-MBAP ensures that any required integration is effortless and fast.

Scalability by design

T5-MBAP is designed to grow with your expanding needs without an impact on performance, speed and accuracy.

High availability

Thanks to built-in redundancy in the T5-MBAP open architecture that avoids any single point of failure, system downtime is reduced to a minimum.

Field proven reliability

T5-MBAP is successfully used in national scale level projects around the world.

Top tier biometric performance

The high accuracy of T5-MBAP is fueled by T5-Finger, T5-Face and T5-Iris core recognition performance, as tested by NIST.

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