T5-EagleEye is a real-time face recognition system for CCTV cameras and any type of video streams. It incorporates the top-notch machine learning algorithms that recognize faces “on-the-go” in real-life conditions, irrespective of poor video quality, face expressions, facial occlusions and similar such conditions.


– Face detection and tracking in digital video streams of any source and quality.
– Built-in quality assessment and selection of the best frame from the track.
– Biometric template extraction and recognition; age and gender classification.
– Storage of all detected faces in an archive with any track length or 1 best frame.
– Archive search by name, location, time and date, uploaded photos and attributes.
– Alarm in case of face match.
– Can operate with an unlimited number of CCTV cameras connected in a network.
– Can operate with an unlimited number of records in the enrollment database and create unlimited number of lists (blacklists, white lists) as subsets in the enrollment database.
– Flexible configuration of user rights by location, database, records and events.




Integration module

This function allows for integration of T5-EagleEye with third-party solutions or applications using a simple REST API.

Biometric Template Creation

The best frame of every face selected, or full track, is processed for biometric template creation as well as for age and gender classification.

Matching Unit

The system can match against one or multiple databases.
Matching modalities supported by T5-EagleEye:
– 1:1 Verification
– 1:N Identification
– M:N Identification


T5-EagleEye immediately sends out alerts in case of a face match with an identity in the reference database. There are 2 types of alarms: when a face IS found in the database (important for law enforcement) or a face IS NOT found in the database (relevant in access control).

Queue management module

This module ensures instant and fault tolerant operation for systems of any scale and for any number of cameras and servers configured, orchestrating requests and balancing the load.

User management module

This module allows to manage access to a system.

Face Detection and Tracking in Video Streams

T5-EagleEye detects faces in video streams, then takes a series of photographs and selects the best frame for each face. This allows for a significant reduction in the volume of data to be transferred, reduce the required bandwidth, optimize archiving space, reduce server loads, while at the same a high accuracy level is guaranteed minimizing the number of false positives.


The system automatically stores images of the detected faces in the archive. It can store the best frame or all frames in accordance with configuration settings. Users can search for a person by photo, date, time, location, name, age and gender.


High speed and performance

T5-EagleEye will find subjects of interest in real-time. Immediate alarm dispatch in the event of a face match with an identity in the enrollment database.


With T5-EagleEye faces can be recognized «on-the-go», despite angles and turns, facial expressions, glasses or occlusions.

Identification with age gap

T5-EagleEye successfully identifies faces with a 30+ age gap between the photo in the enrollment database and the one detected in the video stream.

Unlimited scalability

The number of cameras, servers and faces in the enrolment database that can be configured in T5-EagleEye is unlimited. Cameras and servers can be added to the system seamlessly, without stopping its service.

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