Criminal AFIS

Tech5 Criminal AFIS is specifically designed for law enforcement agencies primarily to perform latent print searching on 20 prints, unsolved latents and palm prints. The solution is a combination of 3 main components: Latent Examiner workstation, case management, workflow manager and our Tech5 ABIS with specialized technology for latent matching.

Mobile Enterprise Solution

The Enterprise ID solution using handheld multimodal mobile devices is specially designed for law enforcement, military and other ID projects where mobility, either due to infrastructure limitations or the use case, is the critical requirement. The system can integrate a multitude of handheld mobile biometric devices and can be effectively implemented for population registration and rapid identification use cases.


Our Eagle Eye system is an end to end system designed for video surveillance using our face recognition technology. The solution integrates with highly specialized cameras with applications that have on board face detection and template creation capabilities. The solution can also integrate with regular IP cameras with GPU based backend processing to realize real time white list or black list monitoring use cases.

Civil ID Solution

The Tech5 Civil ID solution comprises the entire ecosystem required by any biometric based identity management system whether it is a small scale private or national ID system. Tech5 Civil ID is a combination of loosely coupled components from Tech5, allowing for easy replacement of components by the customer if required. This solution can manage the entire life cycle of identification from enrollment of the population to the issuance of a unique ID in any form of secure credential. We offer in house solutions for Digital Identities or offer our partner solutions for PKI enabled Digital Identities. Our solution has evolved from our experience with several very large scale systems keeping in mind the complexities of  workflow, operations and deployment challenges.

TECH5 Biometric Technologies



AI-based highly accurate face recognition technology

Fingerprint Recognition-alternative scanners_online enrolment


Innovative touchless fingerprint recognition technology



Highly accurate Iris recognition technology


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